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About Covestro 


Covestro AG is a world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials and is active in industries as varied

as construction, electronics, cosmetics and packaging. Covestro's 16,000 employees deliver annual net sales of about € 11 billion. The company is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as XETRA.


Covestro specializes in tailored urethanes, thermoplastic polyurethanes, coatings and adhesives, elastomers, engineering plastics, and specialty films.


ResChem is proud to represent Covestro, the leader in the global markets for coating resins, adhesives and graphic arts. Producing revolutionary solutions by matching your need for more sustainable coatings, adhesives and inks with their leading technological capabilities.


By continuously investing in research and product development Covestro can anticipate market trends and develop technologies and products for the future. And thanks to a global footprint of manufacturing capabilities, Covestro provides an efficient and reliable supply chain.


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