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The BYK Additives product range includes:

  • Anti-Terra® - Wetting & Dispersing additives

  • Aquacer® - Aqueous wax emulsions

  • Aquamat® – Aqueous wax dispersions with matting properties

  • Aquatix® - Aqueous wax emulsions for rheology control

  • BYK ® - Defoamers, Wetting & Levelling, Dispersing additives, Rheology Modifiers

  • Bykanol® - Anti-gelling additive

  • Cerafak® - Wax dispersions in non-polar organic solvents

  • Ceraflour® - Micronized wax additives

  • Ceramat® - Wax dispersions with matting properties in non-polar organic solvents

  • Ceratix® - Rheology-modifying wax dispersions in organic solvents

  • Disperbyk® - Wetting and dispersing additives

  • Hordamer® - Primary polyethylene dispersions

  • Lactimon® - Wetting and dispersing additives

  • Nanobyk® - Additives with nanosized particles to improve scratch resistance and for UV protection

  • Byketol®: Surface additives

  • Bykjet®: Additives for inkjet inks

  • Ceracol®: Wax dispersions in polar organic solvents

  • Minerpol®: Wax dispersions for offset printing inks




  • Claytone®: Rheology modifying natural sodium bentonites

  • Cloisite®: Organically modified magnesium aluminum silicate platelets

  • Garamite®: Rheology modifying mixed mineral thixotropes

  • Laponite®: Rheology modifying synthetic layered silicates for aqueous systems

  • Optibent®: Rheological additives based on laminar silicates for the construction industry

  • Rheobyk®: Rheology additives for solvent based, solvent free and waterbased systems based on Urea thixotropes, Polyamides, Wax Specialities, Associative Thickeners and Thix boosters.

  • Optigel®: Hydroclay rheological additives for aqueous systems

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