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About BYK


BYK is the globally successful Additives & Instruments division of the ALTANA Group. It encompasses the additives of the BYK Group and the instruments business of BYK-Gardner.


Around the world, the additives of BYK ensure that coatings and plastics obtain the best properties and the right quality. In addition, numerous other industrial applications benefit from the outstanding functional mechanism of BYK additives. Additives are chemical substances that, even when added in small quantities, enhance product properties such as scratch resistance or surface gloss. Manufacturing processes are also optimized through the use of additives.


The coatings, inks and plastics industries are among the main consumers of BYK additives. Yet with exploration technology of oil/gas, the manufacture of care products, the manufacture of adhesives and sealants, and construction chemistry, too, BYK additives improve the product characteristics and production processes.


Testing and measuring instruments from BYK effectively evaluate the quality of color, gloss and appearance as well as the physical properties of paint, plastic and paper products and are an important part of quality control. Every fifth employee at BYK works in research & development. Approximately 89% of the division’s sales is generated outside Germany.


In 2014 the Division Additives & Instruments employed 1,903 people and achieved sales of EUR 857 million.




Coatings Industry

• Architectural Coatings

• Automotive Coatings

• Can Coatings

• Coil Coatings

• Industrial Coatings

• Leather Finishes

• Powder Coatings

• Protective & Marine Coatings

• Wood & Furniture Coatings


Plastics Industry

• Ambient Curing Systems

• PVC Plastisols


• Thermoplastics


Adhesives & Sealants

• Ambient Curing

• Hot Melts

• UV Systems





Printing Ink Industry

• Flexo Inks

• Gravure Inks

• Inkjet Inks

• Offset Inks

• Overprint Varnishes

• Silk Screen Inks


Construction Industry

• Cement-Based Systems

• Hydrophobic Additives

• Latex Systems

• Lime Cement-Based Systems

• Plaster/Anhydrite-Based Systems


Pigment Concentrates


Raw Materials for Manufacturing



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