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About Eckart


Eckart Effect Pigments designs and produces metallic and pearlescent pigments, sold in around 70 countries. Their products serve almost the entire range of applications for pigments with a variety of effects. Through our relationship with Eckart Effect Pigments, ResChem can source quality aluminium; pearlescent and PVD pigments; gold-bronze and zinc pigments; as well as laser, magnetic and special effect pigments.


The paint industry uses Eckart pigments in, for example, the manufacture of automobile paint and for all types of coatings and finishes. In the plastics industry, they are used for dyes and coatings and as an aerating agent in the manufacture of light weight concrete. And if you would like specialty designed and produced decorative pigments for the cosmetics industry, we can source those too.


Eckart Effect Pigments quality comes from their control of all stages in the manufacture of metallic pigment products. Beginning with the production of the primary material including milling and atomising metal into pigment powder, through manufacturing the pigments into powder, paste or pellet form, and the formulation of finished paints and inks.


Eckart Effect Pigments is proud of their consistently high-quality, future-oriented research, which plays an important role in the expert solutions they offer.


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